Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

It's been a few days again since I've blogged. The reason: Anne continues to do well. In fact so well that she tends to overdo it and has been getting a bit sore sometimes. But, Praise God, everything is progressing. She tends to forget she had such major surgery (2 weeks ago already!), but still has 4-6 weeks to go.

We had a wonderful time at the Dorey's house New Year's Eve. We all were there. Of course, I ate too much (not hard when you put beef and King Crab claws in front of me). Anne pooped out early, as expected, so we were home just after 10:00pm. At my age, I could care less about seeing a ball drop down in Time's Square, so we hit the sack early. Anne slept very well. We've had a quiet couple of days, but I'm getting ready for a barrage for the new year. My schedule already looks pretty busy for the month of January. I'll be going out of town a couple of times too. On January 15th I'll be heading to Lansdowne, Va for a weekend Centurions meeting. I'll be commissioned to head out into the world promoting a Biblical Worldview--so watch out world! I'm also going to New York City toward the end of the month for a short meeting--I'm also hoping to catch a Ranger's Hockey game while I'm there.

Both Heather and Michelle have been home--Michelle and Greg just got back from Orlando, Florida on New Year's Eve, after spending some time with his family down there. The girls will both be back at school in about 2 weeks--Heather finishing off yet another great academic performance and Michelle starting her student teaching. It's hard to believe she'll be ready to get a real job in June. Unfortunately, the job prospects in Michigan are so bad, she may be heading out of the state. Hopefully to warmer weather so we can visit in the winter--a lot.

Speaking of commissioning:

21 It is God who enables us, along with you, to stand firm for Christ. He has commissioned us,22 and he has identified us as his own by placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts as the first installment that guarantees everything he has promised us. 2 Corinthians 1:21-22

I'm convinced that God has commissioned Anne and I to spread His word and to tell of His unimaginable love for all of us. He is comfort in times of need.

I personally don't think it was a coincidence that Anne was diagnosed with cancer at Easter, and was cured at Christmas. Death and birth. Dying to the old and birth to the new. We plan on dedicating ourselves anew to His purpose. We didn't really need this kind of "scare", but it sure opened our eyes to His goodness. And now we get to tell everyone! What a great commission!

God Bless,


  1. Tony and Anne: Our thanks to you for taking time out to keep everyone posted about Anne's miracle. So glad the weather didn't cause many problems, as it usually does this time of year there. Our prayers have been with you and He has answered. You still should go into writing, Tony, if you quit being an orthopod. The way you convey God's grace and peace, especially this Christmas, really is a gift. Keep on staying healthy in 2010! Love, Tom and Jill Peck and Joey Kreger

  2. Tony and sweet Anne...I have been up most of the night and was pointed to your coincidence...God's hand I'm sure.
    The Love of my life was just diagnosed with colon cancer in the secum area last week. After a CT Scan...there are two spots on the liver. An MRI done yesterday...and we are waiting....waiting....which Will be our MO for months to come I'm sure.
    My love (David) is a healthy man...runs marathons with our married children and like your sweet wife...we didn't see this coming...such a rude disease.
    We are scheduled for surgery next Fri. the 22nd.
    1/3 of the colon removed and installation of a port in my husbands shoulder for future chemo use...You know this dance.
    I was a nurse years nature I need inforamtion and will rise as my husbands best advocate and support system.
    I believe the Lord directed you to keep posting your experience with Anne for such a time as this...A huge encouragement for me.
    I had my love read your blog this AM...He came away visibly shaken...realizing the time span and all involved...what we are in for.
    I realize you are a busy man...and will understand if time does not permit your getting back with me...
    If at all possible, I should covet your input and direction.
    I am always interested in any information that will help me ease my husbands mind and comfort his soul.
    God IS faithful...and IS our rock in this very unexpected storm.
    God Bless you and your family....
    Be assured you are in our prayers daily...
    Sincerely...Kathy Crawford.

  3. Sorry I came to you via my blog...My email address is
    Thank You again, Kathy Crawford.