Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

We had good news today. We met with the oncologist, Dr. Michaela Banck at 1:30pm and found out that for sure the metastases were from the colon, but we got the good impression that Anne's cancer was very treatable. We didn't want to hear any prognosis numbers because we're confident the numbers don't mean anything when you have God on your side. We also met with a colorectal surgeon who gave us great news--Anne really won't need surgery because she hasn't had any symptoms of obstruction or bleeding. Praise God for that! We decided to stay here to get her first dose of chemotherapy on Monday, April 27th. She'll be getting her colonoscopy as planned tomorrow (she's loving the prep) and then a Mediport will be placed on Friday.

We'll be going to Autumn Ridge Church on Sunday. Our friend Mark Reed back home at Hopevale made some contacts for us and I've been contacted by Pastor Gary Seaquist who we will hopefully meet tomorrow as well. We've also been invited to a meeting tomorrow night by Helen Laasch, a fellow Centurion who I am looking forward to meeting. We also received an email from Barbara Barnes, another member of Autumn Ridge, who works at The Hope Lodge, a facility where people receiving cancer treatment here can stay for free no matter how long then need to stay. Thankfully, God has provided for us so well that we won't need to stay there, but I'd like to visit to see how it works. Something we can work on for Saginaw.

The outpouring of love and prayers from friends and even strangers (whom I will define as friends we haven't met yet) is so awesome you can't imagine. We have gotten emails from loads of people, and text messages and phone calls. Facebook friends have also been keeping in touch and praying for us. I have to think that the age of communication that we are in is now a good thing--I wasn't so sure before. But the comfort we have received from this outpouring of friends is something I can't begin to describe. It is certainly making it easier for Anne to go through all of this. Of course, she is the nicest person I know, and she used to say "It's nice to be nice to the nice". I don't know of anyone who doesn't like her once they meet her. I'm still amazed she even likes me.

I'm not sure if many people know that it was by Anne's insistence that I go to church to hear Michelle and Heather sing in the choir at St. John's Episcopal Church in Saginaw. At the time I was a card-carrying Atheist, but by her bringing me to church, the Holy Spirit was able to do His thing and here I am. I can't be happier. Our spiritual journey has led us to a place where we are at peace with whatever God has in store for us. We have confidence in His will and know there will be healing. He has given our physicians the skills needed to do their best for us and has given us the prayer warriors we need to help us get through this. God Bless you all.


  1. I love you guys so much, Tony, and will continue to pray that all you get is good news.

    And, hey, if after all this you guys just need a vacation to my parent's house in AZ, I'm sure her offer still stands :)

    love you all

  2. Tony
    We continue to pray for both you and Anne. It's so awesome to see how strong your faith in God is. May he continue to watch over both of you.

    Randy and Kellie Swartz

  3. We’re so thankful for all the good news you received. God is listening!
    Sending our love & prayers.
    The Zirkle’s

  4. I will be followning Anne's progress and I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Violet Hensel-Hallmann

  5. Tony it is so encouraging to me to hear you praise the Lord through this trial. You don't even know all of the people you are touching and witnessing to through your blogs. I praise God that you have received good news. God is soooo good!! God is your strength.

    You will all be in my prayers.
    Dawn Clarey (Cooper OR)

  6. Tony, I feel the same way about Kate. What was she thinking when she married me? This is true grace--unmerited favor from God. I see you feel that way about Anne too. Much love to you both.


  7. Tony we've shared a similar path and it's funny how that path has crossed so many times. We have both been blessed to have such amazing women in our lives that are so much smarter than us. God is great, no doubt. We are praying for all of you. Love you guys.

  8. Tony, We are so glad that Anne is comforted by God's strength and presence. When I read your last blog I was taken back to my journey. As a patient we see the other side of the medical field and how patient's are treated. Being lost in the hallway was just a small part of your Mayo experience, but will be remembered because of the kindness that was shown to you by a stranger. I too brought back some ideas to share with the medical profession throughout the year of treatment/surguries/appointments. Keep a running tab friend, because God may use you as a tool to get some treatment options changed here. Remember God uses you in ways that you never thought of. Give my love to Ann and let her know that the candle still burns for her and you. Love you both.

  9. Such a relief to hear some positive news! You have a lot of folks in your corner (and One above it!). Knowing you are receiving such great care from the clinicians at Mayo is just more proof that He puts you exactly where you are supposed to be. Thoughts and prayers continue to go out for your family.

  10. Hey Tony and Anne--what great news! My friend, John, met both of you at the OR party a year or two ago. He came across this verse from his prayer Bible. John 5:6 says to intercede on behalf of those you know who are in need of healing. Pray that God will reach down and give them the will and courage to avail themselves of His touch and blessing. We will be praying this for both of you, and it sounds like God is already answering! Praise God, He is great all of the time! Love LeeAnn and John