Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009

Today was our last full day here in Rochester, MN. Although I can honestly say we enjoyed our stay here, I'll be glad to be on our way home to see our family and friends. The experience here has been superb. The nurses, doctors, secretaries and generally everyone treat you like you are something special (of course, Anne IS someone special). I've learned a lot here and hope to take some of it home with me. Anne had a good day today. She was a lot more awake than yesterday (the rest was needed and did her good). She's still had some nausea, but the compazine helps with that. We had our last appointment today, with medical genetics. It turns out (which we sort of knew) that the chance of this tumor being related to genetics is extremely small, but we plan on going through the testing to be 100% sure (or as close to that as you can get).

We continue to receive prayers and emails from many of our friends. One in particular, from my dear friend Lee Ann Anderson, with whom I have been to both Honduras and Nigeria on mission trips, I felt I had to share with everyone. A special part, which I could never have written so well myself goes:
"We must remember that God is the ultimate physician, the ultimate Healer, and His plans for us are far greater and larger than that little piece of paper. Whatever happens to us, He is in control, He is glorified, and we are being "broken and spilled out", like the jar of sweet perfume that was poured upon his feet for his anointing. We are the perfume of life that he uses to reach others, and I believe that this is the ultimate sacrifice that any of us can give. It is a very special "mission" to walk that road, and apparently He has called both of you to walk down that road. The journey may be long and hard, but He has sent you some wonderful new friends out there, blessed you with support and friends at home here, and most of all, is using both of you to be a blessing and inspiration to many."

How could anyone say that better? Certainly not me. What a gift!

Since we'll be on the road tomorrow, I may not be able to write in this blog--unless the hotel we're staying in has an internet connection, so please check back to make sure. I should be able to blog again by Saturday night for sure (unless I poop out too early). Thank you all for putting up with this blog anyway--I guess it has been pretty theraputic for me--although to be honest, I haven't been thinking about me much lately.
God Bless,


  1. Tony,
    I very much am glad you thought of this blog.
    It was a very good way of knowing how Anne was doing and what she was going through.
    Found things out about you too.
    Glad your both on your way back to MI. Will be good to see Anne when she's able to visit with us at Bible study.
    Be safe in your travel and prayer for safety is with you both
    Love & God Bless
    Linda Kalenak

  2. Safe travels! Give Anne a hug for me!