Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25, 2009

Not too much too report on today--we actually didn't do much. Anne didn't feel all that well and spent a lot of time in the bathroom. We had hoped to see a little of Rochester, but spent a lot of time in the hotel room. We did get out for a short time but the weather turned colder so we didn't stay out too long. We actually got a little shopping in. We did get phone calls from several family members today. It was very welcome---a break from Anne having to have to just talk to me I guess.

I was able to find the devotional "Streams in the Desert" at the local Barnes and Noble so I've started it today. We'll see if I can keep up with it. One of the things that Anne and I have started this week was praying before meals. I can't say that was something we did routinely, but it will be from now on. Some of you who know me know that I'm not much of an "out loud prayer"--but I'm learning. Practice does make it easier and I'm thinking since God already knows what I'm going to say it doesn't matter how bad I sound--kind of like my singing. Another thing that I still need to work on is quiet time to spend with God. I've tried praying all day long, which I think is still good, but I really think spending quiet time with Him and only Him is the best thing I could do. It would be cool to have a whole chapel to myself like I did yesterday--it was awefully majestic and God deserves that. I guess for now He'll have to put up with my den back home.

Tomorrow we plan on attending Autumn Ridge Church here in Rochester. They have a contemporary service at 10:30 that sounds a lot like what we have at Hopevale. I've already been contacted by some people there who are very welcoming, so I think we'll really enjoy it. I went to their website today ( and it seems very nice. They support a ministry in Ghana that also sounds very interesting.

Pastor Dan had mentioned the movie Taken in one of his sermons, so we watched it on the TV tonight. It's about a former CIA agent who's daughter gets kidnapped in Paris. He's right--it was a guy's movie with all of the fighting and chase scenes you need, but the real message is what a father would do for his daughter. God is like that too--he will never leave us and will pursue us no matter what the cost--even giving up His Son for us. In my case, it's what a husband would do for a wife--anything, no questions asked. I would much rather it be me with the cancer so Anne wouldn't have to put up with the suffering associated with getting better. But please know that she is doing a lot better and her spirits are good.

Please also know that we appreciate all of the prayers, thoughts and whatever else you are doing for us. There is tremendous comfort in all of that. I thank God for all of you. We are definitely looking forward to seeing most of you soon. It is a bit lonely being here so far from home, but being able to correspond on the internet and even cell phone makes it a lot easier.

God's love to all.


  1. Tony, Thanks so much for all the updates. It's nice to be able to follow what is going on, kindof like being there with you both. Tony are a very good writer. Keep it up. It helps to know some specific things that are needed. Generalized prayers are good, but sometimes it helps me to pray in some specific needs. I too struggle with just having some quiet time alone with God. In this noisy, caotic world we live in, it seems difficult to find a nice quiet spot without interruptions. We should all have our own little chapels. I'm glad to hear that Anne is doing better and that her spirits are good. I will continue praying for God's healing and for His comfort and peace for you both. Phyllis O.

  2. Praying for the two of you. The August 22nd reading in Streams in the Desert is my favorite reading. Read it in a motel bathroom early in the morning when we were driving our car and U-Haul truck from Texas to LI after losing our house and employment and were having to move in, with our four daughters, with my parents. The Lord bless and keep you both and may you be a light for Jesus where ever you go.

  3. Hi, Tony, Thank you for the postings. It helps all of us to know how the two of you are doing out there. It can get lonely. It's no fun being sick and away from family and friends. But fortunately God is never far away. Please tell Anne we hope she feels better soon.
    Take care. GLYSDW

    Pauline & Gary Fox

  4. Tony

    Thanks for being so great at updating the blog. I pray that in your times with God you find Him so profoundly that you will want to seek Him more and more each day.

    I love you guys,