Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

Another day closer to coming home!

We had an OK day today. The chemo drugs kicked in a bit today making Anne somewhat nauseous and she had diarrhea most of the day. We decided not to visit Hope Lodge where we were invited to a pot luck dinner and tour as she wasn't doing so well. After dinner at a nearby restaurant, Anne threw it up. Too bad, she thought it was really delicious too. Sorry about the gory details--and I hope you've already eaten.

She will finish the chemo tomorrow. We have an appointment in the oncology department to have things disconnected. Anne's been sporting a very attractive fanny pack containing the chemo pump that delivers 2 1/2cc of the chemo (5-FU for those who care). We then have one more appointment before we can come home. After that appointment we plan on starting our journey back home. I don't think Anne is going to tolerate the drive straight through to the girls at Albion (about 9 hours) so I may break it up into two shorter stretches.

Anne has had her ups and downs mentally. She took a glance at the oncologist's report which mentioned the metastases and that didn't sit well with her. She's been a bit weepy because of that. I, on the other hand, have been incredibly comforted by the outpouring of your love and have totally given this whole thing over to God. It's entirely in His hands--the ability of the doctors to do their thing (He's given them great skills), the ability of the chemo to do it's thing (He's given investigators the skills to figure out what drugs work the best--and she's getting them), and the ability of God to do His thing--to cure even the worst diseases through complete faith in Him. I can do that a lot easier because I'm not the one with the cancer, but Anne is doing a great job of it under the circumstances.

We received some emails from a few of our friends who also have been going through some bad times. I feel especially blessed to hear from them because despite their own sorrows, they are able to reach out to comfort us. Wow. What a testiment to Christian love. We have added all of them to our own prayers as well. It is also heartwarming to have heard from friends who are not Christian as well--Muslims and Jews who also have love within them to share in our time of need.

God Bless you all.


  1. Tony and Anne,
    We will be praying for your trip home. We think about you all alot and want you to know that we are thankful that we get the priviledge of being part of the body of Christ with you.
    Kirk and Amy

  2. Tony & Anne,
    Keeping you in our thouhts and prayers, you are amazing, strong christians, what a wonderful example of Christ. We will pray for your drive home.
    John & Rebecca Koltvedt

  3. Tony and Anne,
    I am so uplifed by your daily accounts of your and Anne's journey. I am uplifted hearing your faith pouring out in your writings. It is amazing how even in the midst of everything, how God can keep HIS arms wrapped around us so we are comforted. I hope you realize the comfort you are providing to others as well by your journey. I know it has to be hard for the both of you. It reminds me of when my son was diagnosed with CA and how overwhelming it can all be to take in the information. But it's like you said, you just give it ALL over to God and let Him handle it from there. I'm glad that you know you are not alone... I hope that in of itself will remain a constant comfort for the both of you. Again, keeping you in my prayers.
    Phyllis O.