Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

Hi. Anne had a pretty good day today. It's amazing how she's already adapted to the chemo--she was awake for most of the day (she only took a short nap) as opposed to her first go around when I could barely get her out of bed for 2 days after the chemo. She was even able to go out to her Bible study group, which is usually held here, but thankfully Ann Turk has moved it back to her house. It was good for Anne to be with her friends and out of the house. Anne's parents will be here until Saturday when they will go to London, Ontario to be with their son John who gets operated on tomorrow (5/14).

Greg had his surgery today. It turned out to be a bit more than the surgeon expected but, praise God, everything turned out OK. Looks like he's going to make it!

I had a pretty short day in the OR today--only 6 cases. More importantly, I was done by 3:30pm--earlier than usual. But, just when I thought I could get home early, I remembered I had to do a deposition for one of my patients, so I didn't get home until 7:00. Sucks to be me sometimes. Fortunately, as I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I have the world's most understanding wife, and supper (and Anne and my in-laws) were waiting for me when I got home so we could all eat together.

I thought I'd use the following verse today:

"In the past you have encouraged many a troubled soul to trust in God; you have supported those who were weak. Your words have strengthened the fallen." Job 4:3-4.

I guess I can look at this from two different angles. One, is that a lot of people have told me that my blog is kind of an inspiration of sorts, and they can sense God's strength from what I have been writing. It means a lot to a lot of people, and that is truly awesome. The second way is that the prayers and thoughts and emails and hugs and everything else that you all have give to Anne and me during this very troubling time for us has been very encouraging and strengthening. Maybe you don't realize how much this means to us, and there's no way I can thank all of you enough, but you have helped us to trust more and more in God, and we have that special peace that comes in knowing that He is there to protect and comfort us. Having all of you send up your "arrows" of prayer makes us feel truly loved and cared for--all "warm and fuzzy inside" if you know what I mean.

I hate to mention that I have been following American Idol this season. My favorite was Danny Gokey who was kicked off tonight. Of the 3 remaining guys, I thought he had the best voice and also the best character. Doesn't help that he's a worship pastor, who unfortunately didn't get to sing any of the truly great Christian songs out there. He will definitely have a great future.

Until tomorrow. God Bless,

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