Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

Today was my first day back at work (yuk)--although thankfully I was in the OR and not the office (that's tomorrow--worse yuk). It was the first day since this all happened that I didn't spend all day with Anne. I did get home at 6:30 which for a Monday is pretty early for me--I had to stop and pick some things up for her at the store including some anti-nausea meds at Walgreen's. She had a pretty good day today, but she doesn't have much energy. And tonight, she was nauseous, took some meds and proceeded to fall asleep watching House--she can watch it tomorrow--it was TiVo'd.

I must say--I was not into work at all today. Thank God, He watches over me in the OR, otherwise it wouldn't have been pretty. Actually--I kind of work by memory, I guess. I've done enough total knees and other surgeries, that I feel most of the time I can do it without paying too much attention (don't let my patient's know!). But again, with God watching over me, things usually go pretty darn well. I got a bunch of hugs today (from women only, thankfully) and everyone was asking about how Anne was doing, but me too. Anne's doing as well as could be expected--I'm doing fine, I guess. I'm not thinking about me so it's a bit hard to answer, really, but knowing God is taking care of us, I can't worry--and "it doesn't add a minute to your life" if I remember.

This Bible verse was sent to me today by Becky Powell, a Centurion who lives up the road from me in Midland:

Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)
11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Yup, another great one. If you read the Bible, you will find a ton of phrases like this one that serve to comfort you. I (we) have plenty of hope and are still planning on the future (God willing, as I mentioned yesterday). We have never been to Australia, but I'm hoping to get there by the end of this year, depending on how her treatment goes. We've enjoyed travelling, and for our 25th Anniversary went on a Mediterranean cruise that was awesome. Most of the time we've travelled with Michelle and Heather, but now that we're empty-nesters, we can get away without them (sorry!). Isn't it interesting that a lot of empty-nesters drift apart--their marriage was only held together by their children. But Anne and I have been best friends since we met in April of 1981. We've only gotten closer over the years. There's no one whom I'd rather spend time with, and I plan on spending a lot more years with her.

God Bless,


  1. Tony, I think it will do you a world of good to get back into some type of "normal" routine, including going back to work.

    As for your patients not reading this, too late! Should I be grateful you did me 2 weeks ago? :) Please tell Anne that if she does want some company while you are at work I will be glad to come stay with her. Your office has my new phone number.

    Anyhow, take care and remember GLYSDW.

    Pauline and Gary Fox

  2. Tony,

    It warms my heart to hear you refer to Anne as you best friend. I believe that is the key to a happy respect and friendship for one another. In addition, wanting to spend as much time with her as possible speaks volumes of your love for her. Your love for one another and that of family and friends will help all of you through this difficult time. God's love is the icing on the cake!!

    My love to all of you,


  3. Dear Anne, Tony, Michelle and Heather
    I just found out about this blog today. I have been praying for all of you since finding out about your journey afew weeks ago. Anne may the holy spirit surround you with his light and and keep you safe. I am sure there are only one set of footprints in the sand right now and just let god continue to carry the load. God Bless you all.
    Love the Muter's