Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3, 2009

Today was our first full day back in Saginaw. We were able to go to church this morning. Let me tell you, there is not much better than a great church family. Anne (and I) got a gazillion hugs and we talked to even more people, before and after service. It was truly wonderful to see all of our friends again. Steve even had my Boston cream donut waiting for me! The sermon today continued in the Authentic Faith Series of the Letter of James. We have been studying James for several weeks now. It is a tremendous letter and I would highly recommend studying it. The sermon centered on Chapter 4 verses 13-17. Pastor Dan Davis had an awesome sermon (as usual). It seemed to be very appropriate to our situation, and we pray that it is God's will (as we are confident it is) that Anne will be cured completely.

Another verse came by email today from Zondervan (the book people): "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Also appropriate and a verse to remember (Romans 12:12). It is extremely difficult to be patient at this point in time. We want this to be over with NOW. But we also understand 2 things: treatment can take time, and Anne will be healed in God's time. She may have to go through about 12 sessions of chemotherapy and may or may not need surgery. So, we will be "patient in our affliction" but most importantly, "faithful in prayer". And we continue to be prayed for by so many wonderful people.

Several people have told me that I'm a good writer. Wow, that's a stretch! I've also been told that this blog has affected many people--that they are positively affected by our witness. If some people are challenged to examine their relationship with Christ, and can see the love that we have for Him and the confidence and comfort we have in Him, and want that too, that is awesome. Now, if that is indeed what is happening, I couldn't be happier! Praise God for that. When Anne is cured of this, you will see how I will shout from the mountain top of God's awesome power.

We are already benefiting from some of the food we have gotten as well. The refrigerator was stocked (thanks Linda) and we had some leftovers from last night to get us through today. Our community group from church will be providing us with meals for the next few weeks. Now THAT is Christian works in action (James 2:14-17).

Unfortunately, tomorrow I'm back at work again. I usually put in some long hours, and I'm going to hate leaving Anne alone. Thankfully, she understands that my practice is my ministry, but I'm going to work even harder now to get home early. Thankfully again, she knows that we have many friends just a phone call away, so if she gets lonely, she just may make a call.

God Bless,


  1. So glad you are back safely in Saginaw and that you have so many family and friends surrounding you. Yes, Tony, you ARE a great writer. We have followed your blog every step of the way and are really encouraged by your faith walk. Through this trial, you are encouraging others in their walk with Christ! Blessings and healing, Tom and Jill Peck & family & Joe Kreger

  2. I'm glad you got back safely (and could fit all of Heather and Michelle's stuff into a reasonable number of vehicles--hahaha)! Hang in there!